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Top Ten Reasons to Select IDI Supplement Physician Group Disability Insurance

  2. Acts as a supplement to physician Individual Disability Insurance (IDI)
    Not a traditional group LTD - Attractive IDI-style benefits on a group platform
  3. Built specifically for physicians
    Protects their specialized needs; excludes what may hurt them at claim time.
  4. Protects the work physicians actually perform
    Disability is defined as being unable to perform the actual medical procedures a physician has done the last 12 months, similar to IDI "your job" definition (an "own occ" definition is not used).
  5. Protects physicians' unique partial disability needs
    • No benefit reduction for 24 months - up to 100% of pre-disability earnings allowed
    • "Best of both worlds" partial benefit after 24 months
    • No reduction for income earned prior to disability but paid afterwards - typical situation for physicians
  6. Excludes traditional features that are harmful to doctors at claim time
    While sufficient for other workers and professions, these are never included in our policies.
    • Non-specific definition of occupation and duties
    • No offsets for lagged income
    • International travel/residency restrictions
    • Part-time work requirement
    • Maximum capacity language
    • Mandatory rehabilitation
    • 40-hour work week limit
    • Self-reported symptom limitations
    • 24-month lifetime aggregate mental illness & substance abuse limits
    • Recommended treatment requirement
  7. Provides special benefits for older physicians
    Typically pays benefits for 6 months longer than most other group LTD carriers for physicians age 63 and older
  8. Delivers elite service from experienced teams exclusively focused on physicians
    One insurance-licensed account manager assigned to each medical practice. A deep understanding of physician practices in general and each customer individually
  9. Standalone claims team exclusively focused on physician group LTD claims
    Highly experienced; Understands the nuances of physician disabilities and income.
  10. Offers optional specialized benefits that fill crucial coverage gaps for physicians
    • Protect against patient defections due to infectious and contagious diseases
    • Replace income that lags when ramping-up patient load after disability
    • Protect against declining income due to progressive illnesses like Parkinson's
    • Business Overhead protection for the physician and practice
    • Replace pension contribution to protect retirement income
    • Special protection against loss of ADL capabilities
    • Maintain benefit purchasing power through COLA adjustments
    • Extra benefit to pay the tail on Med Mal Premium after total or partial DI
    • Extra payment for sudden, extended hospital stays
    Drives expertise and advocacy ahead of trends for physician needs. For example: Multi-practice programs and hospital carve-outs
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